By Fateme Arefnejad

A girl on the frontline

April 17, 2022 - 18:5

If you've read "Da," you're probably familiar with Seyedeh Zahra Hosseini's friend, Sabah, a girl from a large family in Khorramshahr who, like many others in her city, has dealt with war, and she is definitely one of the most significant characters in Khorramshahr's popular resistance.

Fateme Doost Kami is the author of this book, which was published by Soore Mehr. 

The book begins with a brief background of his family and then moves on to his childhood. She comes from a large and lovely family with many brothers and sisters, and because of her father's job and difficult living conditions, they have moved to a variety of cities, including Khorramabad, Tehran, Shiraz, and Kerman. 

Then we get to her teens and the Islamic Revolution stories, such as exchanging risky letters at school, hiding banned books in their backpacks, and even starting a march! The Revolutionary War Memories, despite their briefness, are sweet.

When the imposed war begins, Sabah undergoes emergency aid training and completes her military training. She goes to the front and founds the city's first rescue team with two of her close friends. Since then, her entire life has been covered with blood, and she has been injured numerous times.

Her wartime memories are sometimes joyful and interesting, and sometimes treeifying. Things happened in Khorramshahr back then that, even after all these years, reading it is a nightmare, and to those of us who have only read about war in books or seen it in movies, it is difficult to comprehend what Sabah has gone through.

To write this book, the author spent 300 hours interviewing Sabah and several years extracting enough information from the questions and responses, as well as checking the text with war documents and sources, which resulted in the creation of this wonderful book.

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