Iranian researchers register patent for anti-coronavirus intranasal mask

April 24, 2022 - 17:55

TEHRAN – A team of Iranian researchers has managed to register a worldwide patent for an anti-coronavirus intranasal mask.

The pattern published by the World Intellectual Property on April 7, has been designed and developed by Meisam Akhlaghdoust, Alireza Zali, Atousa Hashemi, Neusha Arang, Fatemehzahra Hashemi, Ilia Mehrizi, and Poorya Davoodi.

Coronaviruses can be transmitted to others through droplets that are spread by coughing or exhaling from the mouth and nose of a Covid-19 infected person. 

The most effective way to protect yourself and others is to wear a mask. 

Studies show that prolonged wearing of face masks can result in some airway and skin allergies. Regular use of face masks in low-density populated areas or hot environments can be frustrating and the cause of dyspnea. 

Lack of recognition in identity, face, and even a smile or various facial expressions can lead to future psychological problems. 

Wearing face masks is impossible and difficult in the environments such as hair salons and restaurants where a person has to remove his mask which makes the person more exposed to the virus. 

This invention has 5 layers of inhalation and exhalation air filtration which is inserted into the nasal cavities by two spiral cones.

It is interesting to note that the invention has won the silver prize at the First International Invention and Innovation Competition which was held online in Geneva, Switzerland in July 2021.


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