A note on the book "The White Soldier" by Ali Allah Salimi

Twelve impressive stories of General Soleimani

April 25, 2022 - 18:49

Since the martyrdom of Qassem Soleimani until today, many books have been published about him, and "The White Soldier," a collection of his memories compiled by Sasan Nategh and containing twelve short stories by twelve young Iranian and Afghan writers, is one of the best works on the subject so far.

Each of the writers in this book has tried to approach Martyr Soleimani's life and personality from a unique perspective, like in Vahid Hassani Hanzaei's story "Behind the Eyes," a member of the US Army expresses regret for participating in the operation that led to the assassination of General Soleimani.

According to the story, the American soldier goes to the Holy Father and begs for forgiveness, confessing that he is no longer peaceful and can't get rid of the guilt he feels after participating in that tragic mission.

The following are the titles of all the stories and their writers in this book: "Behind the Eyes” by Vahid Hassani Hanzaei, "I Kneel Beside Him" by Davood Khodaei, “Moonlight” by Fateme Behbudi, “A Good Man” by Mahbube Hajian Nejad, "Smiles Can Also Be Colored, Like Green!" by Maryam Al-Sadat Mir Hosseini, “Disquiet” by Vahid Agha Karami, "A Selfie with a Special Guest" by Abulfazl Ashrab, “Companions” by Khodadad Heydari, "Rooted paintings" by Hossein Ghorban Zadeh, "Nobody touches my shoulder!” by Nazim Reza Zadeh, "Who is this gentleman?" by Mina Muhammad Hosseini, and “Man” by Mahdi Bataghva.

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