“Bardehsour," a story of the surviving member of an eight-person group

April 27, 2022 - 17:54

Kianush Golzar's earlier two works, "Shonam" and "Evenings of Keriskan," had already introduced me to him, in which he addressed the Komalah and Democratic parties at the beginning of the Islamic Revolution and the war.

His third book, "Bardehsour," which is on the same subject, has also recently been published.

The title of Golzar's new book, "Bardehsour," is the name of a valley in the northwest of Sardasht, where counter-revolutionary forces were positioned during the start of the Islamic Revolution. This book includes not only Yadollah Khodadad's stories but also the memories of his friends during their time in Komalah prisons.

The main part of the narrator's memories begins when a spoon brings the idea of escaping to his mind, which he describes as "pleasant and joyful" because their release from Komalah prison seemed impossible.

Yadollah, in addition to his memories of imprisonment and his escape through the mountains and valleys, exposes to the reader the opinions of the Komala party members. People who were barely educated, yet staunch supporters of Communist and Maoist ideologies, and the vast majority of them had lost their faith in God, religion, and the coming of the Day of Judgment.

This book, which has been published by Soore Mehr Publication in 178 pages, is the story of many oppressed people who were imprisoned or killed by the Komalah and Democratic parties during the early days of the revolution between Kurdistan and Kermanshah's roads and cities.

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