Innovation and technology join Khwarizmi Intl. Festival

May 8, 2022 - 20:30

TEHRAN – The fields of innovation and technology have been added to the acceptable fields of the 36th Khwarizmi International Festival at the suggestion of Science Minister Mohammad-Ali Zolfigol, IRNA reported on Sunday.

Applications are accepted in the fields of aerospace, civil engineering, materials, metallurgy and new energies, agriculture, natural resources, animal sciences and veterinary medicine, electrical and computer, mechanics, basic sciences, green technology, mechatronics, biotechnology, and basic medical sciences, industry and technology management, medical sciences, chemical technologies, information technology, nanotechnology.

Those interested in participating in the 36th Khwarizmi International Festival can send their works until mid-September.

The annual festival is an opportunity for both Iranian and foreign participants to put their scientific achievements on display. Khwarizmi International Award is dedicated to recognizing outstanding scientific achievements made by researchers, inventors, and innovators from all over the world.

The executive process of this festival in five competitive sections includes domestic projects, foreign projects, projects of Iranians living abroad, selected successful projects in national production, commercialized projects from the previous award winners, and special awards (to honor Iranian intellectuals and scientists).

IROST proposed the creation of the Khwarizmi Award in memory of Abu Jafar Mohammad Ibn Mousa Khwarizmi, the great Iranian Mathematician, and Astronomer (770-840 C.E).

The first session of the Khwarizmi Award, in 1987, called for Iranian nationals to present their outstanding contribution, invention, or innovation.


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