An interview with Sepideh Khalili

Children are unwittingly educated by "Sweet Iranian Tales"

May 9, 2022 - 18:51

Reading, according to Sepideh Khalili, has a positive effect on the minds of children and teenagers and could be an effective educational method.

"Sweet Iranian Tales," published by Soore Mehr, is a collection of ancient Iranian tales, one of which is a rewrite of Bustan by Sepide Khalili. She rewrote Bustan in the form of short stories so that teenagers could understand and enjoy it. 

* Why did you decide to rewrite and present Bustan to teenagers?

I had previous rewriting experience and wanted to try rewriting this work as well. Another reason I chose this book was that I've always assumed that children are familiar with Bustan through their school textbooks, but not completely, and that I can help them better understand Saadi's work.

* Do you think today's teenagers will be able to relate to this book?

They sure can! Because I started to tell stories that were relevant to their current lifestyle. This book's themes include both good & evil stories; and, similar to the movies that they watch and follow with bated breath to see how the good character triumphs over evil, they would read this book to achieve the same thing.

* Can these books influence the lifestyle of today's teens?

Humans have two learning methods. Direct learning is one method, and we all learn some things this way from the start to the end of our lives, and the second method is indirect learning, which has been used in much of our education. One of the techniques of this method is learning through books.

* Will this book encourage teenagers to read the Original one? 

I don’t think so. Because today's teenagers have different life habits and are lazier than previous generations. They don't care about the original book because they want everything ready and available. Also, the cost of books has increased in comparison to previous years, making them less likely to read books.

* So, do you think it's still possible to influence children's lives by guiding them through books?

Although children are naturally drawn to the good, they may be drawn to the bad due to excitement and an unfavorable living environment. Therefore, more time and money should be spent on children's education.

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