"Backpacks Full of Lemons," memories of Alireza Hajibabaei, a martyred commander and teacher

May 14, 2022 - 18:18

Mohsen Seifikar, a writer and teacher, has written three books about three martyred teachers, the most recent of which is "Backpacks Full of Lemons."

This book, which was recently released in Hamedan province, contains Alireza Hajibabaei's memoirs as commander of the western and southern military axes.

The author of the book stated that it took him roughly two and a half years to complete this work. “I did fieldwork and conducted interviews with various people. I also added my personal information to the book about him,” said Seifikar.

“The majority of the book's chapters are devoted to his work as a teacher, including teaching in Azerbaijan and Hamedan. Because his personality as a teacher was so rich, I chose to present him in the book as a teacher rather than a commander. He was a well-educated man, an amazing teacher, a child lover, and a hard worker, and he was also a solid soldier on the battlefield and in jihad,” he added.

“It made me quite happy to discover that Hajibabaei was a teacher, just like me, and I'm thankful to God for assisting me in becoming a teacher, but not in the same way he was,” said Seifikar.

He also mentioned that he has two other books about martyred teachers that he has already released.

According to Mohsen Seifikar, the interesting thing about these three martyred teachers is that they were all commanders in the midst of Sarpol-e Zahab and were martyred in order, first Muhammad Reza Farahani, then Taghi Bahmani, and the last Alireza Hajibabaei.

This book was published in 2021 by Soore Mehr Publications.

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