Intl. scientific festival announces winners

May 25, 2022 - 17:8

TEHRAN – The 14th International Festival of Movement, aiming to introduce the top scientific achievements of students, announced winners at the closing ceremony on Tuesday.

This year, students from 63 countries participated in this international festival.

The Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Poland, France, Syria, Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, and Malaysia attended the event virtually.  Held annually, the festival also aims to attract students to participate in scientific activities, identify outstanding scientific students, transfer experiences and synergies between scientific associations, strengthen the relationship between society and industry and focus on solving the country's issues, strengthen interdisciplinary activities, and get acquainted with companies and owners of industries and the increase of scientific interactions.

In 2008, the first edition of the event with the title "National Festival of Movement" was hosted by the University of Tehran.

The projects will be judged and evaluated in 13 sections and a special section; including 53 inventions, 337 top associations, 32 dynamic associations, 218 creative activities, 73 entrepreneurship projects, 56 books, 147 digital content, 121 competitions, 303 publications, 35 top universities, 10 unions of top scientific associations, 4 journals, 307 international works and 98 works in the special section of the festival on the subject of corona and post-corona, resilient economics and environment.

In this regard, over 60 countries have submitted their works, which include 1894 cases, to the Secretariat. Associations from Nepal, Mauritius, India, Ukraine, Iraq, etc. participated in the festival in person. Other countries such as the Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Poland, France, Syria, Pakistan, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, etc. also followed the event virtually.

The first to third selected projects will receive cash prizes and all the worthy and selected groups honored at the closing ceremony of the festival.


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