Envoy clarifies Iran-India co-op in health, anti-narcotics

May 31, 2022 - 16:36

TEHRAN – Iranian Ambassador to India, Ali Chegeni, has elaborated on cooperation between the two countries in the areas of health as well as anti-narcotics.

In the health and pharma sector, the precedence of our co-operations dates back to ancient times when we had a great exchange of ideas and science on traditional medicine. Currently, we are expecting to sign two important MoUs on cooperation in the health sector in the coming weeks, he said in an interview with Financial Express Online. 

Iran has been and still is at the forefront of combating drug trafficking in West and Southwest Asia. One of these documents is focused on the cooperation in the field of traditional medicines between the research centers of two countries and the other one is related to cooperation in normal medicine between the drug standard authorities and relevant regulatory bodies of both countries which will pave the way to remove some non-tariff barriers in the medicinal trade.

Meanwhile, regarding the fight against narcotics, Iran has been and still is at the forefront of combating drug trafficking in West and Southwest Asia, the envoy stressed.

On the other hand, Iran has been unfortunately one of the main victims of this dirty and illegal business and it has dedicated too many martyrs and incurred huge costs in its sacred fight against the international smugglers.

But unfortunately, some media disregard Iran’s important role and sacrifices in fighting against narco-trafficking and instead, disseminate distorted reports and baseless allegations.

However, I must underline that drug trafficking knows no nationality and no boundary and the traffickers may use any territory and direction to smuggle their narcotics.

Having said that and noting that drug trafficking as a global issue requires joint and collective efforts, it is necessary to address this phenomenon through genuine cooperation and sincere partnership among all forces in the region.

The traffickers attach no respect to humanity, nor to the national territories or their victim countries.

The anti-narcotics police forces in both India and Iran have made enormous sacrifices. They have also initiated a commendable dialogue and cooperation which we expect to form a solid base for deeper dialogue and cooperation at the regional level soon.  

Recently Iran and India have held very successful meetings. Both sides agree on the main issues and we will witness more consistent and consolidated cooperation in fighting against this dirty phenomenon.



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