An interview with Vahid Yaminpour 

“Apostasy” doesn’t have a second book

June 6, 2022 - 18:1

Vahid Yaminpour's book "Apostasy," published by Soore Mehr, is a book that tells the story of a part of history in reverse.

Identity, according to Vahid Yaminpour, is still one of our serious issues, and it appears to have gotten more severe than before because a young person has to know where he is in history right now, which will help him define himself correctly and establish his values and ambitions.

"Teaching history to students who do not appreciate reading history is one of the most challenging issues of the world's educational systems; consequently, art and creativity should be used to teach history," Vahid Yaminpour said.

“This has happened over the world, with large sums of money being spent on historical movies and series, yet these movies and shows require fiction," he explained. 

He stated that he has been concerned about this for a long time and that after talking with students, he noticed that they lack the ability to examine historical topics, which prompted him to write this novel to express his concerns.

Yaminpour believes that good historical works, particularly in cinema, are scarce, which is unhelpful and difficult to ignore, however, he mentioned that Soore Mehr has done a lot in the field of history and historical novels, which is admirable. 

When asked if any steps had been taken to make his book "Apostasy" into a movie, the author responded yes, and that there had been possibilities.

“I was worried about what others would think before the book was out and whether there would be any misconceptions.  It takes courage to turn this novel into a movie, of course, I hope they consult with me first before proceeding because I have some suggestions,” he said. 

“If Apostasy is made into a movie, it will be the first time in the history of the Islamic revolution that this has happened. Many people requested me for the second book of Apostasy, and I tried unsuccessfully,” he added. 

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