A review of the book “Salman Harati”

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June 18, 2022 - 17:54

With the goal of giving effective role models, Soore Mehr's book series "Mana Characters" deals with the lives of notable individuals who were professionals in the domains of science, culture, politics, and society in contemporary Iran.

This collection has been created for a general readership, particularly young people and academics, and the tenth book in this collection is "Salman Harati" by Ali Taghavi. 

Who is Salman Harati?

He is one of the poets of the revolution era, who has a new vision, ideas, and language in his poems. He was born in 1959 in Marz Dasht village of Mazandaran state, and studied from the beginning to the end of high school in his hometown. Then he was accepted at the academy of arts and after two years, received a master diploma. After graduation, he started working in one of the Langroud villages. His pen name was AZAR BAD. We can see the influence of SOHRAB SEPEHRI on his poems. He even dedicated one of his poems to SOHRAB. On November 30, 1986, he was killed in an accident while driving to school on the Tonekabon-Langrud route.

About the book

The book provides a relatively detailed portrait of Salman Harati's thoughts and ideas, as well as a synopsis of his life. The first chapter of the book begins after an introduction. The author provides useful information on Salman's life and the impact that his environment and lifestyle had on the development of his poetic style in this chapter.

Following that, we move on to the second chapter of the book, which is likely the most important chapter of the book and is longer than the other chapters in terms of length.  His poetry is sincere and simple. He was showing full honesty and sincerity in his poems. Even though his poem has a close relationship with God and nature, has social content and is sensational. He never copied. We can observe his creativity in imagination and ideas. Ali Taghavi has presented a clear and, of course, accurate picture of Salman Harati's poetry and life in this book, as well as a scientific perspective, particularly on the critique and review of Salman Harati's poems.

The book's final chapter also includes documents and photographs relating to the poet.

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