Love and hope, the two main elements of the book “I Know My Way Home”

July 25, 2022 - 19:2

This book, written by Maryam Hazrati and just released by Khat Moghaddam Publishing House, is a memoir of the martyred defender of Hazrat Zainab's shrine, Farid Kaviani, as told through the words of his wife.

Farid Kaviani began his life as a simple strapping worker in The Lord village of Khalkhal city with his wife, Ozra Shoghi. He unwittingly brought the concept of waiting into the life of his family at the very beginning of their relationship together because of his job, which requires him to travel frequently to different places.

Ozra Shoghi, the book's narrator, is a village girl who married her husband when she was 17 years old. Due to his family's lack of resources, Farid relocated to Qom as a child at his uncle's advice and started working. Since he was nine years old, he has experienced loneliness and life's challenges, which have helped him grow into an independent young man. Also, because of these traits of his, Ozra falls in love with him.

Their first child, Sadegh, was only six years old when Farid went to Syria, and their second child, Ruqiya, had not yet been born. Several things happened during his time in Syria, which lasted from the beginning of 2011 to his martyrdom in the middle of 2016, including the birth of Ahmad Reza, their third child, and the passing of Farid's mother while he was away.

Their way of life was lovely. Despite the fact that Faris was abroad, Ozra raised and trained their three children by herself until news broke in August 2015 that Farid had been killed in Syria. At this point in the story, Ozra has given up all hope, and Farid is buried without his wife seeing his mangled remains…

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