An interview with Neda Rasuli

The author of the book “This is My Son”: The audience rejects the stereotypes

July 29, 2022 - 18:2

Neda Rasouli, who studied laboratory chemistry, was born in 1982. She decided to study math and physics in high school, but she also developed an interest in literature.

She wrote her first short story a little later and decided to take story writing more seriously. Her newest book, "This is My Son," which is about the memory of martyrs Mahdi and Rasul Jafari, was recently published.

* Why did you choose this topic? What sort of challenges did you encounter throughout the process?

I had no idea that I would be writing a documentary about a martyr's life until Khat Moghaddam Publishing House recommended this project to me. The interviews were the hardest part for me. This book tells the story of two martyrs, a father and a son, the son being killed before the father.

* What were the pleasant moments and good feelings while writing this book?

Short stories and novels were how I first began to write stories. Writing is generally difficult, breath-taking, and enjoyable. In addition to the difficult process of writing this novel, I enjoyed it when I got to the historical sections because I felt like I was building a universe where some of the events actually did take place in an area of my country.

* What rules should be followed when writing about the war and the martyrs?

It is essential for the author to conduct studies before writing in this field. The martyr's life events and personality are both covered in this study. To be able to accurately portray the martyr's characteristics in a story for the readers, the author must first become familiar with those characteristics. On the other hand, writing about what actually happened will be extremely important in documentary work. Writing stereotypical words, making the martyrs unreachable people, or sanctifying them will not properly present the martyrs to the audience; rather, it may drive some of the audience away and cause them to lose faith.

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