Iran can be China’s best partner in region: ambassador

August 23, 2022 - 20:38

TEHRAN – Iranian Ambassador to China Mohammad Keshavarzzadeh has referred to the expansion of the capacities and fields of cooperation between Iran and China, saying that Iran, as the safest country in the region, can be the best partner for China.

Keshavarzzadeh made the remarks at the 13th annual joint meeting of the Iran-China Friendship Association held in Tehran on Tuesday. 

Speaking at the meeting, the ambassador said, “The history of relations between the two countries as two ancient historical civilizations goes back to more than two thousand years ago. At that time, the Silk Road was a bridge of friendly communication between the two countries, and the people of the two countries also received mutual influence from each other as a result of these historical relations, influences that perhaps even today we do not remember their ancient roots correctly.”

He added, “Today, the historical silk road has been revived; but the relationship between the people of the two countries is not limited to trade. Today, the cooperation between the two friendly countries, Iran and China, is expanding in all fields. Today, thanks to the advancement of technology and the development of communication, the platform and tools for the expansion of relations between the two nations are more ready than ever.”

Referring to the 50th anniversary of the establishment of relations between the two countries and the plans for this event, Keshavarzzadeh said, “The relations between the two countries have now been upgraded to the level of a comprehensive strategic partnership with the strong determination of the senior leaders of Iran and China.”

He pointed to the telephone conversation of the presidents and foreign ministers as well as other interactions between the officials of the two countries. “Cooperation between the two countries is expanding in all political, economic, cultural, security and defense fields, and the officials of the two countries have repeatedly emphasized that in the second fifty years of relations, a new horizon has been opened for cooperation between Iran and China,” he said, according to Iran’s state news agency IRNA. 

The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in China announced the issue of sisterhood between several cities of Iran and China and the opening of the Chinese consulate in Bandar Abbas among other news and capacities to strengthen relations and cultural cooperation between the two countries in the past months.

Keshavarzzadeh pointed out that despite the progress achieved in the levels of cooperation between Iran and China, the people of the two countries still do not have enough knowledge and communication with each other.

He stated that today the speed of developments in the two countries is very high. “China and Iran today are different from China and Iran of the past years. Many of those present at this meeting, who have been in contact with the two countries for many years, have felt this speed of progress. We must try to make our people familiar with the progress of the two countries and their current situation,” he continued.

The ambassador of Iran in China considered the idea of the Belt and Road initiative as a good opportunity for the two countries and their people. “Iran and China should be known as two important countries on the Silk Road. If the people know each other correctly, they will take steps in the development of relations between the two countries,” he pointed out. 

The ambassador stressed that Iran, as the safest country in the region, can be the best partner for China. 

“Iran has the second largest oil and gas resources in the world and can play an important role in providing energy and security to China,” he stated. 

“On the other hand, Iran's geographical location is unique for China's trade with European countries. Iran is a bridge between China and Europe and a bridge between Central Asia and the high seas.”

The Islamic Republic’s top diplomat to China expressed hope for the improvement of the conditions of the corona epidemic and the return and increase of the number of Iranian students in Chinese universities.

These students can serve as “ambassadors” to introduce Iran to Chinese society. In addition to scientific and student cooperation, the expansion of tourism communication can also make a significant contribution to the communication between people of the two countries.

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