Tehran city council chief: Enemy wants to turn Iran into Syria

October 30, 2022 - 23:42

TEHRAN — The chief of the Tehran City Council says that the enemy is seeking to turn Iran into Syria.

Making the remarks in the city council’s open session on Sunday, Mehdi Chamran invited everyone to follow the Leader of the Islamic Revolution to be united.

“If we are not united, they will attack us. John Bolton himself declared that the interest of the United States is to create discord in Iran. The British also used this tactic for years, and those who divide our society know what divisions they are creating,” Chamran warned.

Bolton was Donald Trump’s national security advisor. He was also George W. Bush’s ambassador to the United Nations.

Chamran went on to say that it was easily noticeable that protests in Syria led to the creation of ISIS, and the enemies are planning to do the same to Iran. 

“Nevertheless, we are a vigilant country with a 2,000-year-old civilization. We will go ahead and build our country by God's grace and we will take their (the enemy’s) peace if they want to take our peace,” the top councilor concluded. 

Gheis Ghoreishi, a West Asia and the Arab world analyst, has said that Western-based media outlets, including Persian-language Iran International, Manato, and Voice of America, are trying to do what they did in Syria and Libya. 

“These countries (in particular Saudi Arabia and Israel) work closely together in the field of media and successfully implemented several media projects against the governments of Syria and Libya and even against the government of Nouri Maliki in 2014,” Ghoreishi noted.
Talking to the Tehran Times in early October, Ghoreishi said, “They are trying to implement what they did in Syria and Libya in Iran.”

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