Tehran playing host to teenagers in "Future Iran"

November 9, 2022 - 17:32

TEHRAN – The national festival of "Future Iran" is underway in Tehran Book Garden, providing various recreational programs for teenagers.

Organized by the cultural and artistic organization of Tehran Municipality, the event kicked off on November 2 and will run until November 11.

Being held on the occasion of national youth week, various programs are performed in line with the interests of teenagers, and the age group of 9 to 18 years, who are the main audience of the festival. Of course, the programs of the festival are planned in such a way that the children can also have fun, and in general, for the families.

The "Future Iran" festival consists of four main parts, including games, booths, stages, and film screenings. The games section consists of two parts: the first one is dedicated to movement games such as football challenges, laser tag, skating, zip line, kite flying, shooting, etc.

The second part will include board games, FIFA league, and console games. All games are played as a competition and the winners receive prizes each day.

The "Future Iran" festival consists of four main parts, including games, booths, stages, and film screenings.On the final day, all the winners will be invited to compete, a special prize will be awarded to the champion of champions. Teenagers who are present at the festival, by participating in various games and collecting points, can benefit from a gift card to buy books.

The third part of the festival is diverse booths, which are divided into three types for the supply of cultural products related to teenagers, for example, “experience booths” present activities such as pottery, woodturning, carpet weaving, etc., and some other booths are showcasing food and drinks.

In the stage section of the festival, there are two inner and outer stages, where various programs are held every day. Children’s and youth shows, performances by musical groups and talented teenage singers, and stand-up comedy are some of the stage programs.

The fourth main part of the "Future Iran" festival hosts teenagers in theaters, and they screening of movies and animations with live dubbing, performing, and holding review sessions for some of the films.

This festival also has side sections, one of which is "TED" for teenagers focusing on the experience of successful teenagers in various fields, and "TED" for adults who had an interesting and informative adolescence.

In addition, specialized meetings with the presence of elites of each field are held, and the topics of these meetings will be the impact of the game streams and computer games, the impact of university entrance exams, and educational justice.

Such an event can appear useful for teenagers as it offers recreational activities to the young generation who may face a lack of places where they can play various physical and intellectual games and experience teenage gatherings at the same time, in addition to providing an opportunity to the financially-struggling teenagers in order to experience modern techs and games.


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