“Nomad Girl” crowned best short at OKO ethnographic film festival

November 22, 2022 - 18:37

TEHRAN – The Iranian short documentary “Nomad Girl” was selected as best short at the OKO - International Ethnographic Film Festival in Poland.

Directed by Ruhollah Akbari, “Nomad Girl” follows the daughter of one of the nomadic tribes, who, despite all the problems caused by the traditions and common beliefs about girls exercising, achieves much success in kickboxing. She tries to persuade the families of the girls in the area to encourage them to attend training classes in a nomad “black tent”.

The documentary was also screened at the Kazan International Muslim Film Festival, which took place in September in the capital of Tatarstan, a semi-autonomous region in southwest Russia.

The OKO - International Ethnographic Film Festival is annually organized in Bolgrad, Ukraine, but due to the outbreak of war in the country, the third edition of the event was organized under the motto of “Look at Ukraine with New Eyes!” in Torun, Poland from November 13 to 18. 

“The Wormwood Star” directed by Adelina Borets from Ukraine and “Brave” by French director Wilmarc Val were awarded honorable mentions.

The short documentary “The Wormwood Star” shows the village of Mali Klischi, which has existed since 1790. In 1972, there were 200 houses and 530 inhabitants. Residents of the village have been displaced due to radioactive contamination. The Regional Council removed the village from the register on June 21, 1991. Today, Nina, a 79-year-old woman, and her 62-year-old son, Alexander, are the sole inhabitants remain in what used to be the village of Mali Klischi. There is a great misunderstanding between them, despite the fact that they have lived together for many years. In order to remain in their houses, they have paid the highest price: loneliness.

In “Brave”, the director follows his mother Cébé, a modest housekeeper living in France. She decides to return to Haiti to finally perform a ceremony she should have performed 24 years ago, following the death of her mother, a Vodou priestess. She hopes to put an end to the misfortunes that have befallen the family.

The best feature film award went to “I Am Chance” by Wajnberg Marc-Henri from Belgium.

The film is about the microcosm of a group of street-savvy girls in the surprisingly bright, pop and artistic megacity of Kinshasa. Astute, sassy and resilient, Chancelvie and her friends take on the world, fighting and nurturing, stealing and sharing, turning tricks and making art. Vibrant and exuberant, Kinshasa itself becomes a character in the film, combining its voice with that of the girls.

Photo: A poster for the Iranian short documentary “Nomad Girl” by Ruhollah Akbari.


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