266 Iranian students in top 10 U.S. universities

January 1, 2023 - 18:32

TEHRAN – Iran ranks 10th in terms of the ‘number of students studying in the top 10 American universities’, having a share of 266 students.

One of the available indicators to measure the quality of graduation can be the share of acceptance and attendance of Iranian students in the world’s top universities, ISNA reported.

Accordingly, the share of Iranian students in the top 10 universities in the United States, which were selected from the top 25 universities in the world based on the QS ranking in 2023, can partially explain the qualitative situation of Iranian students abroad.

The number of Iranian students in the top 10 American universities has always remained at a constant level between 246 to 266. The highest number of Iranian students in the top 10 American universities is estimated at 266 in 2015 and the lowest number is 246 in 2017.

Immigrants often leave their homeland due to coercion caused by internal, and political tensions, or in the most optimistic case, to acquire science or technology, in the meantime, 1.8 million Iranians also immigrated, according to the latest available statistics in 2020, constituting 2.23 percent of Iran’s population. However, according to internal sources, the population of Iranian immigrants abroad is 4.04 million people, although the statistics cannot be verified based on international sources.

Leading in attracting international students

Iran is among the 15 successful countries in attracting international students, according to Mohammad Javad Salmanpour, the deputy head of the Organization for Student Affairs.

The education of foreign students in Iran has grown significantly compared to previous years, even last year, it has doubled, he said.

However, it is far from the desired position; Because Iranian universities have higher capacities in all respects than the universities of regional or European countries, he noted.

Iran has the ability and capacity to have more than 250,000 foreign students by 2026, he stated.

Currently, nearly 100,000 foreign nationals are studying in Iran, more than 90 percent of whom are from Iraq and Afghanistan and the rest are from other countries.

These students are studying in different fields of science, research and technology, health and medical education, and also in the fields of humanities, Islamic sciences, Persian language and literature, law, fundamentals of Islamic law, management fields, economics, psychology, social sciences, as well as engineering, agricultural sciences, animal sciences, and basic sciences.


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