An interview with the author of the most recent the best-selling book

Sheltered by Love

January 11, 2023 - 18:32

In the book “Sheltered by Love”, a woman makes a vow to marry a veteran after the war. Maryam Basiri is the author of this book, which has thus far been a success.

* What made you write this book?

Five years ago, the Imam Reza International Foundation and the Iranian Poetry and Fiction Foundation collaborated to publish a book of novels in honor of the Razavi Festival. Therefore, it was decided that I would write this novel in 40 days, leaving little time before the books were made available.

* How did you manage to fit in so many characters in the book?

When friends later complained that there were too many veteran characters, I kept the ones I felt were more important and got rid of the others. Initially, there were just 18 veterans in the hospital with 18 distinct characters, none of whom were similar to one another. Protagonist has a brother and three sisters, all of whom, along with their families, are associated with the protagonist in some capacity.

It is unlikely that the audience will become confused because the primary and supporting characters appear in distinct situations.

* How important do you think it is to approach women from a female perspective and non-cliché way in story writing? 

Prior to being a writer, I consider myself a writing instructor, and I have always advised people who write from either a male or female perspective to be realistic. Sometimes writers describe a woman as if they are describing a strange alien from another planet.

* What led you to choose a simple writing style for this book?

Historical literature piques my interest greatly, and historical prose has its own complexity and traits. However, I also have experience writing plays, so I'm not accustomed to writing in a straightforward manner. However, I believe the circumstances call for you to have a linear and simple narrative style when the book is created for young people from a new generation and has a special religious topic.


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