An interview with Zeinab Erfanian 

“This House is Sacred” 

January 14, 2023 - 18:26

The book “This House is Sacred” is about Forough Monhi, the mother of martyrs Dawood, Rasool and Alireza Khaleghipour.

In this book which has been written by Zeinab Erfanian, various aspects of this family's life from the Holy Defense to the present are discussed.

* How did the idea to write this work come to you? Were you given it or came up with it on your own?

It was said that there is a martyr mother living in Zanjan with a distinguished personality, and I should definitely meet her; even if I don't want to write about her, it's okay. After that, I began writing about her and it took about 2 years.

* During these two years that you mentioned, were you just busy taking and implementing conversations or did it include other research axes?

In these two years, interviews were conducted and implemented, followed by the editing and publishing process, which took about two years.

Furthermore, I visited several locations and found several reports about them, including some written by the martyr Avini.

* Were there any events or cases that you encountered while editing and writing this book that stood out to you as interesting or compelling?

My conversations with her were always special and charming, and she didn't let the sadness of her experiences bother me. In her life, she has faced many challenges and ups and downs, and God has tested her in several ways.

* After the interesting experiences that happened to you while writing the book and you mentioned them, what changes have made in your writing style?

There is no doubt that every book that is written brings a lot of work experience. It is important to be able to use good experiences and show them in the next book.

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