An interview with Zeinab Sodachi

Take a Hafiz Omens for Me

January 15, 2023 - 18:41

A successful book, "Take a Hafiz Omen for Me," is about General Haj Shaban Nasiri's memories from eight years of imposed war and his long presence in Syria.

This book has been written by Zeinab Sodachi.

* What were your criteria for writing the book?

We have included the interviews we received, along with the names of the people who were interviewed, in order to present the content purely to the audience. This book differs from other books on the defenders of the shrine and the imposed war because the content is based on documents and reality. Every story and memory given in this book refers to the special characteristics of this martyr.

* How long did the process of researching and composing this book take?

It took around 2 years. 

* How much did you use the element of imagination in writing this work?

When we have a story, we process it with our minds, and if we write the outline of the story, maybe it will be half a page, but with processing, it will become a book, so it requires special attention. However, this book was not an easy task, because every page could be the plot of a story, and God led me through it.

All the content of the book is completely real and documented, and the narrators are known. Only a few of the narrators did not want their names to be published, which did not appear in the book.

* Can you tell me what prompted you to make the decision to become a writer?

I have been writing stories for years now. Before writing this book, I used to prepare the content. I started this work in 2008, but no book was published under my name until 2016 when I was suggested to write this book on my own. 

* Is there anything you are currently working on and what do you have planned for the future?

As a result of my education and expertise, I have authored children's books titled "Real stories from real men" and the memories of martyrs are expressed in children's language.

Another book is also being published by a different publisher about martyr Hassan Yadollahi.

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