An interview with Ali Ebrahimi

Memories of Martyr Mehdi Tahmasebi in “The Secret of the Burnt Tag”

January 17, 2023 - 18:43

The book “The Secret of the Burnt Tag”, written by Ali Ebrahimi, refers to the lives of two martyrs who defended the shrine, and in the course of it, it talks about the spiritual evolution and concerns of the martyrs.

In the beginning, the author explained that the book is written in a storytelling style and based on the documents and manuscripts of Shahid Tahmasebi. This book has a very interesting story and tells the facts and events from the battle scenes with ISIS.

According to Ebrahimi, a key feature of the book is that the narrator himself is Tahmasebi, making all narrations clear to the audience without any deficiency. A story is told about the journey he had to Syria and all the events recorded in a notebook written by this martyr.

Furthermore, Ali Ebrahimi described martyr Tahmasebi’s personality and said that he was a great poet that had written mostly epic poems. Acting and directing degrees were also among his qualifications.

The martyr Mehdi Tahmasebi even had a football refereeing degree from the country's football federation, and Ebrahimi pointed out and expressed his other capabilities as a young man. In addition, he was also a memorizer of the Holy Quran.

The author examined the book's documentation quality and concluded that since Mahdi Tahmasebi had documented all his daily missions and could provide interesting content, he had written the book as a story, and interestingly, he also felt the martyr himself was helping him to prepare it.

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