Iran is fifth-largest producer of radiopharmaceuticals

January 25, 2023 - 23:12

TEHRAN- Mohammad Eslami, vice president and head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), announced on Wednesday that Iran is presently one of the top five producers of radiopharmaceuticals in the world.

Regarding Iran's export of radiopharmaceuticals, Eslami remarked that experts in the AEOI have worked hard to make Iran one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of radiopharmaceuticals in the world.

After the COVID-19 epidemic subsided last year, Iran restarted shipments of radiopharmaceuticals, which are mostly used to treat cancer, to nine nations across the globe, he told reporters after a cabinet meeting. 

The official continued by stating that Iranian-produced radiopharmaceuticals are more effective than those made by other multinational brands, and that researchers in the country will keep working to increase the treatments' effectiveness.

“No deviation in Iran’s nuclear program”

Elsewhere, he pointed to the International Atomic Energy Agency’s allegations of “undeclared” nuclear installations and operations in Iran made under Israeli pressure.

“Even though they are aware that the charges are baseless, they nonetheless exploited them to exert pressure on the Islamic Republic. They acknowledged that there is no indication of any deviance in the nuclear program and that interactions with the agency are in place,” he added.

“We are engaged in no standstill with the Agency,” said the nuclear chief, stressing that preparations are being made for a visit by IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi to Iran next month.

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