165 industrial units idle in Kordestan province

January 31, 2023 - 9:32

TEHRAN- There are 165 idle industrial units in Kordestan province, in the west of Iran, the director-general of the province’s Industry, Mining, and Trade Department announced.

Bakhtiar Khaliqi said that there are 996 industrial units in the province, of which 165 units (16.56 percent) are idle.

Also referring to the existence of 355 mining units in the province, the official said 202 units, equivalent to 56 percent of them, are active, seven units are being equipped, and the rest are inactive.

Khaliqi announced that 42.5 percent of Kordestan's economy is related to industry, mining and trade, and said this province has capacities such as bordering and having many minerals such as iron ore and gold, which can increase the share of the province's economy in these sectors.

As announced by Head of Iran Small Industries and Industrial Parks Organization (ISIPO) Ali Rasoulian, over 2,000 idle units have returned to the production cycle since the current government took office in August 2021.

According to Rasoulian, who is also the deputy industry, mining and trade minister, this approach is very important since the country has been dealing with the most severe international sanctions for many years; and while it relies more than ever on domestic production.

Of course, what is seen as the result of the efforts of the ISIPO, as one of the main organizations in charge of boosting the country's production, planning and diligent follow-up to revive the stagnant production units, fortunately the work in this due is on the right track, the official has stated, highlighting that revival of each stagnant production and industrial unit leads to job creation and return to work of 18 people on average.

The latest data released by the ISIPO head indicate that 1,000 idle industrial production units have been revived in the country since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2022).

As previously announced by Rasoulian, 2,067 idle industrial units were revived in the country’s industrial parks and zones during the previous Iranian calendar year 1400.

According to the official, with the reviving of the mentioned units job opportunities were created for over 39,000 people.

“ISIPO had put it on the agenda to revive 2,000 stagnant units inside and outside industrial parks and zones in the previous year and by the end of the year 2,067 idle units returned to the production cycle, which provided employment for more than 39,000 people,” Rasoulian said.


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