Kylie Moore-Gilbert should ask Jason Rezaian about birthday cake

February 6, 2023 - 22:41

TEHRAN – Former Australian prisoner Kylie Moore-Gilbert has claimed that an Iranian prison official fell for her while she was serving prison term in Tehran, a claim that can only be debunked by former fellow prisoner Jason Rezaian.

“He wanted some sort of romantic relationship with me,” an overconfident Moore-Gilbert told 60 Minutes. Any pieces of evidence? A birthday cake and an extended prison term.

“It was a perverse romantic interest. He arranged a birthday party for me with a birthday cake. He had complete and utter control over every facet of my life,” she said. 

Her one-sided love story, according to Moore-Gilbert, led the infatuated prison boss to extend her release date by six to seven months.

The purported love affair has gone unanswered by Iranian officials. Perhaps because the Australian academic has taken it seriously without knowing the courteous treatment she received was not special to her. Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian had a similar “birthday cake moment” while in prison, or more exactly at a luxurious place in upscale Tehran.

During his prison term at Evin, Rezaian was taken out of prison by officials to a brand clothes store where he got a brand new suit for free for his out-of-prison birthday gala, the Tehran Times can reveal. Rezaian’s birthday surprise was complemented by the presence of his wife, who was in jail too. 

If a birthday cake and extended prison term are indicative of a love story, then what do an out-of-prison gala, suit, and birthday cake stand for?


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