An interview with Amin Babazade

A documentary narrative in "Vision"

February 13, 2023 - 18:18

The Ashura event is crucial for Shiites since it is connected to their culture, beliefs, and origins.

It is difficult to analyze and comprehend this event since it is both straightforward and complicated in a way that could influence people's perceptions in severe ways. Making thorough and in-depth investigations available to the public is essential for achieving a correct understanding of this crucial and historical event.

This historical incident has been discussed and carefully investigated by Amin Babazadeh in his most recent book, "Vision."

* What made you decide to write a book in this field?

There are numerous books in this field, but the creation of quality literature is what I'm concerned about! Literature's point of view and perspective vary with each era and are produced in response to society's demands. I was concerned about Imam Hussain and his companions for a long time to create a piece that would provide new information about the Companions' journey to Karbala. I wrote this book for that reason.

* Do you believe that teenagers would enjoy this book?

No. mostly because grownups should read this book. however, a college student might find it enjoyable.

* Why did you choose the title "Vision" for your book?

Some people believe that picking the book's title is a matter of personal preference, but in reality, I chose the title from a speech given by Nafi ibn Hilal al-Jamali in front of Imam Hossein.

* How much time did you spend writing the book? what did you do along the process?

I read the seven sources I drew on for the book over the course of around five years. However, in general, I wrote the book in five months.

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