Education museum to be established in Abhar

February 28, 2023 - 22:2

TEHRAN –A museum dedicated to education is planned to be established in the city of Abhar, west-central Zanjan province, the provincial tourism chief has said.

The museum could showcase the rich history of education in this region, Seyyed Saeid Safavi explained on Tuesday.

It also could introduce students and the public to educate and its methods through the history of the city, he noted.

Zanjan is one of the cities founded by Sassanid King Ardashir I (180-242 CE). Moreover, Zanjan was once the seat of a lively caravan trade. It was ravaged by Mongols in the 13th century.

The ancient city makes a base for wider explorations of the architectural wonder of Soltaniyeh. The subterranean delights of the Katale-Khor caves, colorful mountains, and the UNESCO-registered Takht-e Soleiman ruins are nearby.


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