By Ali Esmaeil

Everything, everywhere, the West Bank

March 18, 2023 - 5:14

refers to everything and everywhere being on the West Bank. Israeli military journalist Amir Bokhbot, citing former army officers, has stated that what is happening on the West Bank is actually a war, as every time Israeli soldiers raid Palestinian areas in the West Bank, especially Jenin and Nablus, they become targets of gunfire.

All statistics and signs indicate a new struggle against a new order on the West Bank.

 An order that Zionists are pursuing and a new struggle that young people on the West Bank are consolidating. The events of the first week of April 2023 are a good example of the special conditions on the West Bank. When less than 24 hours after the grief and sorrow in Jenin and Palestine due to the martyrdom of 9 Palestinians as a result of unprecedented attacks by the Zionist army inside Jenin camp since 2000, this side of the camp changed and turned into slogans and joy.

Much earlier than Zionist expectations, despite army readiness and iron domes for fear of retaliation by resistance forces, Palestinians' sense of revenge became operational and 8 Zionists were killed. In the final hours of Friday, February 17th while only 27 days had passed since the new year of 2023 AD began, Jerusalem witnessed an operation that was unprecedented in recent decades according to Zionist media reports to such an extent that after attending the scene of an armed operation in Jerusalem, the chief of police for Zionist regime emphasized that "this was one of the worst attacks we have faced in recent years."

In less than 24 hours, two unprecedented events have occurred in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, affecting both sides. This is an example of the momentous events that show the West Bank is going through a period of fate-making.

This period began with the establishment and consolidation of armed struggle groups in Jenin, Nablus, and even Hebron against Zionist efforts to create a new order called annexation of the West Bank to occupied territories.

Netanyahu has pursued this strategy in recent years and intends to annex 30% of what is called Area J in the West Bank to make it part of the fake state of Israel so that another part of Palestine's land is called fake Israel in domestic and foreign documents. Legally, this event is similar to Trump's recognition of Israel's occupation of Syria's Golan Heights as Israeli territory. In this plan, Zionist extremists seek to formalize settlements built on the West Bank as part of fake Israel's land. Therefore, this plan is very important. If this event becomes operational, it can boldly be said that achieving a Palestinian state in Palestine's land will no longer be possible.

It should be noted that Israel has so far occupied 85% of Palestine's land. One of the significant obstacles to achieving a Palestinian state is the presence of some cities and areas near Nablus, Hebron, and East Jerusalem. Now with extremist and religious Zionists coming into power, pressure on Palestinians in the West Bank is increasing.

But resistance on the western border has disrupted all equations. Former officers of the Zionist regime's army admitted that the Palestinian resistance's fighting tactics have made significant progress during the Israeli military's raids on Palestinian territories.

 Security officers of the Zionist regime believe that there are plenty of weapons and ammunition on the western border, and the Palestinians' fighting tactics have also made considerable and remarkable progress.

They stated that there is no longer a need for experienced and trained fighters to shoot, as even 14-year-old children with the weapons they have can shoot at Israeli soldiers. In the first 72 days of 2023, 84 Palestinians have been martyred. Gaza has only two martyrs, but Jenin has 31 martyrs, Nablus has 21 martyrs, and Hebron has seven martyrs who have sacrificed themselves for Palestine.

The statistics show a change in conditions on the western border more than ever before. The current situation on the western border is a real battle between two strategies: annexation by Zionists and armed resistance by Palestinian youth. A confrontation that has made the situation on the western border inspiring for all freedom-seekers.

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