We will never let Israeli terrorism go unanswered: government

April 3, 2023 - 20:12

TEHRAN- Tehran on Sunday promised retaliation for Tel Aviv’s latest atrocity which had resulted in the assassination of two Iranian military advisors in Israeli airstrikes on Syria, saying that the usurper regime’s terrorist activities “will not go unanswered.”

Government spokesperson Ali Bahadori Jahromi remarked on Twitter that the Tel Aviv regime is using terror to deflect public attention away from its domestic difficulties.

“The Zionist regime and other terrorist states have the habit of carrying out terrorist acts abroad at critical times in order to deflect public attention and not let the depth of their domestic problems be revealed,” Bahadori Jahromi wrote, adding, “Terrorist acts will not go unanswered.”

Milad Heidari and Meqdad Mehqani, two IRGC military advisers, were martyred during Israel's aircraft attacks on Damascus’ suburbs on Friday.

As a 32-year-old father of two children, Heidari came from Kurdistan Province. He was a resident of Qarchak County in Tehran. 

Mehqani, 31, passed away from injuries received in the Israeli attack. He came from Golestan Province. He is survived by a two-year-old son.

Israeli airstrikes that killed people in Syria occurred at a time when there were widespread protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s now-delayed plans to restructure the judiciary. 

These plans would deteriorate the Supreme Court, reduce judicial oversight of policymaking, and give the ruling Likud party more power.

The Israeli regime, identified as one of the principal sponsors of terrorist organizations supporting President Bashar al-Assad’s government since foreign-backed militancy flared in Syria in early 2011, often breaches Syrian sovereignty and conducts strikes in the Arab country.

In most cases, residential structures are targeted. Israeli strikes often target military sites, particularly those of the Hezbollah resistance movement, which has played an important role in assisting the Syrian army in its struggle against foreign-backed terrorists.

Israel typically remains quiet on the strikes. Damascus has consistently criticized Israel’s assaults at the UN and urged the Security Council to intervene to stop Tel Aviv’s aggressions. Yet, the calls have been ignored.

Iran continues to support the Arab nation with an advisory mission, assisting it in fending against foreign-sponsored terrorism. 

Syria’s victory against the Daesh terrorist group in 2017 was made possible through Tehran’s advisory role.  

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