Over 1m visits to Sa’dabad museums recorded

April 4, 2023 - 20:30

TEHRAN –Over one million visits to the museums at Tehran’s Sa’dabad Cultural-Historical Complex were registered during the two-week New Year (Noruz) holidays.

The visitors made a total of 1,024,376 visits to the complex’s sixteen museums and palace museums during the mentioned period, CHTN reported on Tuesday.

The figure shows 33 percent growth year on year, the report added.

Mellat Palace Museum, the museum of royal vehicles, the majestic clothing museum, the royal kitchen museum, and a museum dedicated to royal weapons received the topmost visitors during the period.

Sprawled on about 110 hectares of a mountainside parkland in northern Tehran, the Sa’dabad Cultural-Historical Complex used to be a royal summer residence during the Qajar and Pahlavi eras.

The complex was initially established and inhabited by some Qajar monarchs in the 19th century. It has undergone further expansions from the 1920s until the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The site embraces a variety of buildings, some of which turned out to be house museums showcasing a wide range of royal families’ memorabilia, including lavishly made furniture, dishware, automobiles, carpets, and miniature paintings.

Among the most famous and beautiful palaces of the complex are Green Palace and Ahmad Shah Palace.

The Green Palace was built by the order of Reza Shah in 1922. The palace is built of marble and decorated with stucco. The palace contains oil paintings depicting stories from the epic Persian poet Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh. The aristocratic French style is represented in the halls of this palace.

Ahmad Shah Palace is the oldest palace in the Sa’dabad complex and Part of this palace is now in the hand of the presidential administration.


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