Separatists are dividing

May 12, 2023 - 23:17

In a report, Siasat-e-Rooz discussed the growing differences between the opposition. It wrote: Today, separation has become the fate of those who had gathered together to divide Iran.

Although they claimed from the beginning that they were against the division of the country, but during their rallies and actions, they showed that both in the position of action and theory, they will not oppose the division of the homeland. The flag of the separatists of the South-West, North-West, and South-East of the country were waved in the hands of those who participated in the gatherings of this movement, while they did not see any obstacles in front of them.  After the large number of flags of separatist and terrorist groups in their gatherings revealed their real separatist face and removed the mask of freedom from their faces, these days their serial withdrawal from the coalition has revealed the illusion of claims of sabotage.
 Sobh-e-No: The Separation Council

 In its editorial, Sobh-e-No addressed the withdrawal of another member of the Iranian foreign opposition coalition and said: A camelopard coalition that could never represent the will of the Iranian people and despite their slogan of democracy and freedom, their plan for the people and Iran was war, sanctions and division. The black mark of this solidarity was Reza Pahlavi’s trip to the occupied territories, which revealed the differences among the people gathered in the Solidarity Council.  During his trip to Tel Aviv, Pahlavi wanted to show his difference with the other members of the Solidarity Council and raise his position beyond other opposition groups and figures.  But not only his influence did not increase, but it also caused the separation of this coalition. The first reaction was the separation of Hamed Esmailiyoun from the Solidarity Council.
 Etemad: Recommendation to negotiate with America

 In its editorial, Etemad recommended that it is better to negotiate with America to solve the problems.  Etemad wrote without referring to America’s treason and what was the achievement of the previous negotiations and said : The most important feature of bilateral negotiations with America is that mediators will be omitted.  The Europeans, who were thought to be neutral in the JCPOA issue, showed that they lack the necessary ability and influence. China and Russia do not have the capacity to negotiate with Iran on behalf of America.  But with this new strategy, many of Iran’s problems will be solved at the International level.  If these crises are solved at the international level, without a doubt, a significant part of the internal problems will also be solved.  One of the most important reasons for the increase of exchange rate is the inflation caused by sanctions.  As the frozen relations with Saudi Arabia were melted and was not damaged the national authority of Iranians, solving the problems with Western countries, especially America, will promote Iran’s regional and international authority and provide the basis to end the economic sanctions.
Iran: The third round of confrontation between America and Iran

 In an analysis, the Iran newspaper discussed the ups and downs of the JCPOA negotiations. It wrote: Iran and the U.S. are confronting for the last remaining privileges in the framework of the Vienna negotiations, and this situation has been continuously followed since September of last year.  Experience has shown that the Americans will enter into a combined war with the target country if they do not get what they want.  The first round of confrontation between these two countries took place in the form of combined pressure last spring and before the last round of negotiations in Vienna in August and September last year, and the second round began after the end of the negotiations in September, which lasted until last winter.

Americans in both times of this confrontation did not reach the desired results.  Although the remaining points are very few, but their importance are more than the rest of the points that have been set for it so far.  Even a small part of the related issues with sanctions is so important that each side can obtain these privileges will definitely win such an agreement.  Therefore, the Americans are still not ready to make the right decision in this matter.  Even in some cases, they are not willing to clarify the words and phrases written in the text.  Now we are at the beginning of a new confrontation for the third round of negotiations.  The evidence shows that in the coming months Americans will continue this situation.
 Ham Mihan: Simultaneous sending of ambassadors to Riyadh and Sana’a

 Ham Mihan devoted its commentary to Iran-Yemen relations. It wrote: Iran-Yemen political relations continue in a normal way even after the martyrdom of Irlu, and there is no gap In this relationship.  We know that to sellect an ambassador for a country like Yemen has its own process.  The appropriate person should understand the issues related to Yemen and has a desire for this mission and is accepted by Yemen.  Therefore, this delay was not intentionally, but the news indicates that the ambassador of our country will also be sent to Sana’a at the same time as the presence of the Iranian ambassador in Saudi Arabia.

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