Israel even failed to face a single group of resistance front 

May 14, 2023 - 21:26

In its editorial, Kayhan addressed Israel’s attack on Gaza. It wrote: The interesting thing that happened is that the “Israeli consensus” could not help resolve this complicated issue.

The Palestinian side can say that even if the Israelis unite, they cannot change the military process in their favor!  When the Palestinian side opposes stopping the war with the determination of precondition, it means that Israel’s military action has failed to make the Palestinian side to capitulate, and Israel’s deterrence has not been restored despite the heavy cost it paid for it.  An important pillar of the three pillars of deterrence, which is to transfer the conflict to the enemy’s land, has not happened, and the firing on Gaza not only failed to engage the Palestinian groups in conflict with each other, it also faced a strong and united response from them and also turned the ceasefire in favor of their power and will. The ironic point of the conflicts of the last few days is that the deterrence considered by Netanyahu has not worked even in the face of a single side of the resistance front, let alone that it will be revived once again in the face of all governments and resistance movements of the region.

Shargh: The idea of Foreign Affairs is not positive
 In an analysis, Shargh discussed the status of the nuclear case and the recent article of Foreign Affairs, written by Ali Vaez and Vali Nasr. It quoted a former diplomat who says: "I have always said and I repeat that the best way for Iran is to directly negotiate with European countries and the United States. In order to revive the JCPOA, exchanging dual-national prisoners or any other issue, we can use our own diplomatic bargaining power and capacity in direct negotiations with Europe and America without mediators.  It is not at all in the dignity of the Islamic Republic of Iran that some Arab countries on the rim of the Persian Gulf act as mediators in our indirect negotiations.  In addition, this type of diplomacy has not worked so far and will not work from now on.  By the way, my serious criticism from Ali Vaez and Vali Nasr’s writings is that these two persons believe that the Persian Gulf countries can be our mediators in areas of economy and trade with Europe and America. So, is it in the dignity of the Islamic Republic of Iran that any of our imports from Europe and America should first be imported to Arab countries and then to Iran, or vice versa? Or should our exports to Europe go through Arab countries?!

Iran: Islamic Republic has disturbed America’s equations in the region 
 In a commentary, the Iran newspaper discussed the regional issues and said: The agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia has upset many equations of the Americans in the region.  The instability of the alliance between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, as one of America’s closest regional allies, has destroyed America’s capacity to further maximum pressure against the Islamic Republic.  The tendency of the Americans to form coalitions again or their effort to create new crises, or give the Zionist regime a green light for any military threat, are a result of the failures that America has faced in the region in recent years and months.  To take advantage of the warfare is another alternative of the U.S. to deal with Iran in recent months during the riots.  This is the war that requires Iran’s intelligent response, and its soldiers are the media outlets, public opinion, and people’s living standards.
Javan: Take off the political glasses 

In its editorial Javan wrote: People should not be looked at through political glasses. The thing that will bring people to the polls is not the name of candidates, rather it is hope for the future and hope to solve people’s problems, which are chiefly economic. Those people who are constantly attacking people’s hope in their media claim that they can return hope to people.  Those who have filled their showcase with politics and have not yet learned from past experience, cannot respond to this type of people’s demands.  Those whose background of the past decade is still in front of people’s eyes, should not count on people’s amnesia.  If there is also Alzheimer’s, first it has come to those whose aging cabinet was flagrant of circles for years.

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