Sa’d al-Saltaneh jewel of Iran caravanserais, deputy tourism minister says

May 20, 2023 - 20:54

TEHRAN – Iran has nominated 56 caravansaries for a collective inscription on the UNESCO list for World Heritage, deputy tourism minister Ali Darabi said on Saturday.

“[A selection of] 56 Iranian caravanserais will be registered on the UNESCO list… and Sa’d al-Saltaneh caravansary of Qazvin shines like a jewel among them,” the official said.

He made the remarks during a visit to Qazvin province when he called it a cradle of culture and arts, Mehr reported.

Located in the ancient city of Qazvin, the vast caravanserai is flanked by a beautifully restored Qajar-era bazaar of the same name.

For many travelers to Iran, staying in or even visiting a caravanserai can be a wide experience; they have an opportunity to feel the past, a time travel back into a forgotten age!

Qazvin was once the capital of the mighty Persian Empire, under Safavids, from 1548 to 98. It is a major tourist destination with a wonderfully restored caravanserai-turned-arts precinct, some quirky museums and a handful of decent eating options. For most travelers, Qazvin is also primarily the staging point for excursions to the famous castle of the Assassins and trekking in Alamut Valley.


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