Leader Receives Members of Cultural Revolution Council

January 26, 1998 - 0:0
TEHRAN The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined that solution to the cultural problems was of vital importance and that all government and non-government agencies shoulder the responsibility to enforce all decisions made by the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. The leader made the remark while addressing members of the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution (SCCR) here Saturday. The grand ayatollah further stated that a wise and scientific study of cultural problems and finding their panaceas were of top priority and that no other agency was deemed capable of replacing the SCCR. The Leader added that the cultural council could fill up the big vacuum in the cultural matters instilling political, social and cultural attitudes.

Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out that Islamic culture is the most comprehensive culture and that all the positive aspects existing in other cultures are complemented by the Islamic culture, However, we see that different cultures stand opposed to each other and are contradictory in value. At times due to colonialistic policies, calculated measures are adopted by world arrogance to impose their own cultural values over other cultures in the regions of their influence, said the Leader. Referring to conflicts in cultures around the world, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution stated, The global arrogance has ignited the war of culture to preserve its interest for its is fully aware of this fact that the cultural values of the Islamic Revolution are extolled and have inflicted injuries to its interests.

Supreme religious jurisprudent said that since the global arrogance very well knows that it has been harmed by the Islamic Revolution's cultural influence, it try to impose its divious cultural values on the Iranians specifically the young generation. The Leader pointed out, We should be fully prepared and completely armed and not be oblivious in our fight against the cultural encroachment that has been very delicately and intricately designed to surreptitiously penetrate through the masses thereby leaving its deadly and ruinous influence.

The grand ayatollah elucidated his points by saying, The enemies try to encroach our religion, freedom and even our national and non-religious values through making movies, fabricating news report and dissemination of propaganda. President Hojjatoleslam Mohammad Khatami had initially delivered a brief speech thanking Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani for having rendered valuable services during his tenure as SCCR head. The president said, We have tried to approach the matter of our responsibilities and objectives through new and fresh outlooks and that we are optimistic that we would be able to be as active as possible to enforce the cultural policies of the nation within the set framework.