250,000 Tourists Visit Rose Water Festival in Kashan

July 1, 2001
TEHRAN According to the deputy governor of Qamsar in Kashan, more than 250,000 tourists visited the traditional ceremony for extracting rose water in this region.

The Deputy Governor, Mohammad Saberi, said that the number of tourists increased 30 percent compared to last year.

He added that foreign tourist groups from Japan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia and some reporters from foreign news agencies traveled to this region for the first Rose Water Festival in Qamsar.

According to Saberi, roses are grown in an area of 200 hectares in Qamsar and some two tons of roses are harvested from each hectare.

He said that in this region, there are about 1500 traditional pots for extracting rose water, adding that some ten million liters of rose water and herbal essences are produced in Qamsar annually.

Saberi said that 3000 families in Qamsar are involved in growing roses and extracting rose water.