Iran Exports Tractors to Egypt

February 16, 1998
ATHENS - A big delegation from Egypt's Federation of Industries was to begin a 6-day visit to the Islamic Republic Sunday, to give boost to economic and trade ties between the two biggest states in the Muslim Middle East. Cairo daily Al-Ahrar Saturday quoted the general director of the federation, Hussein Mutawa as saying that the president of the federation , Abdul Munim Saudi, will lead the delegation to Tehran which includes top officials from various chambers of undustries in Egypt. Meanwhile, the Head of Iran's Interests Section in Cairo, Akbar Qasami, disclosed that last month Iran exported 300 agricultural tractors to the private sector in Egypt under a ten-million dollar annual agreement.

In an interview with Egyptian daily Al-Ahram published last Wednesday, Qasmi said relations between Egypt and Iran have crossed the stage of tension and entered the confidence-building period. The Iranian diplomat noted that economic and trade relations between Egypt and Iran have made big advances recently. He cited examples of joint ventures between the two countries like the creation of a non-governmental airlines corporation, the revival of a joint maritime company which has started giving technical and administrative services to Iranian ships crossing the Suez Canal on their way to Europe and helps in transporting Egyptian products to the Persian Gulf region as proof of expansion in economic ties between Cairo and Tehran. The Health Ministries of Egypt and Iran are currently negotiating to create a state-run company to export Egyptian-Iranian medicine to East Africa and Central Asia. Qasmi said the visit of the Egyptian trade delegation to Tehran will hold talks aimed at creating joint investment companies in the sectors of iron, steel, chemical ,and cars.

Last year, Iranian exports to egypt were worth $20 million. (IRNA)