Iran Calls On Yemeni Agriculture Minister to Attend FAO Conference in Tehran

January 19, 2002
ABU DHABI -- Iranian Ambassador to Yemen Hassan Qoreishi submitted Wednesday the written message of Iran's Minister of Agriculture Jihad, Mahmoud Hojjati, to his Yemeni counterpart Ahmad Salim al-Jabali, inviting him to take part in the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) regional conference in Tehran.

During the meeting, the two sides exchanged views on topics and objectives of FAO conference including expansion of ties among participating countries.

Expressing his satisfaction with receiving the invitation, the minister of agriculture and water resources said he is willing to participate in the Tehran-based gathering that will be held on March 9-13.

The main topics of the conference are expansion of agricultural cooperation, food supply, fight against drought, better utilization of water resources, and free trade among regional states.

In the conference, the president and vice president of FAO permanent headquarters are to be appointed, IRNA said.