Defense Ministry Ready to Overhaul All Country's Commercial Planes

August 27, 2002
TEHRAN -- Brigadier General Hossein Alaei, director of the Armed Forces Air Industries Organization, announced the organization's readiness to overhaul all of our military and commercial aircraft.

Alaei, who was speaking at a ceremony held to introduce the new managing director of the Iranian Air Industries Company here yesterday, said the company's Fajr hangar is ready to accept orders for overhauling even wide-bodied aircraft owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines (HOMA), in addition to orders from other airlines.

He added that the overhaul of the existing commercial air fleet of Iran saves the country over $150 million.

Alaei referred to the manufacture of the Toloo-4 and Toloo-5 engines and their special use in drones, and also the production of the T-73 dual-purpose engines -- which are suitable for installation on helicopters as well as fixed-wing aircraft -- as the company's latest measures to improve its capabilities.