Middle East


  • Trump wings 2017-02-26 12:03

    By Mehdi Sepahvand; Hajiali Sepahvand

    Trump trapped in Orientalism, racism, and imperialist system

    History is written by the winners and victors. Therefore, they always find an excuse to justify obscene and unjust behavior. Race has been one of the most preliminary concepts for that use, because some races have tapped their unquestionable superiority to justify all their abominable behavior as well as the ineptitude of other races. 

  • ISIL 2017-02-25 02:49

    By Paul R. Pillar

    Slower may be better in going at ISIL

    A couple of tendencies that are all too common in policymaking and policy debate tend to make for unwise foreign commitments or overextended foreign expeditions. 

  • حسین موسویان  2017-02-13 11:47

    By Seyed Hossein Mousavian

    Eight reasons why Trump’s start on the Middle East is frightening      

    Donald Trump’s Middle East policies began with two major decisions, one to ban entire Muslim populations and another to impose sanctions on Iran. Both threaten to undo the Iran nuclear deal. His new sanctions over a recent Iranian missile test targeting Iranian and non-Iranian individuals and entities, including some from Lebanon, the UAE, and China. The international impact of these sanctions is clearly meant to instill more fear into global firms from doing business with Iran. 

  • zarif 2017-02-08 09:26

    Iran has never sought ‘confrontation’ with regional states: Zarif

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that Iran has never been seeking “confrontation” with the countries in the Middle East region.

  • William O. Beeman 2016-12-30 11:55

    By Javad Heirannia

    ‘Militarily weak Britain can’t affect power equation in region’

    TEHRAN - A professor of the State University of Minnesota says Britain is so economically and militarily weak that its renewed military presence in the Persian Gulf cannot change power equation in the region. 

  • Middle East 2016-12-24 14:46

    By Ali Kushki & Yaser Nadarpour

    Along the soft underbelly of the Middle East

    Over the past two centuries, the Middle East has been at the center of tensions thought to have been primarily ignited and fuelled by international actors.

  • velayati 2016-12-03 20:09

    Velayati: Sanctions extension is ‘revenge’ against Iran’s achievements

    TEHRAN - Ali Akbar Velayati, the senior foreign policy advisor to the Leader, said on Saturday that the Senate’s vote for extending the Iran Sanctions Act (ISA) for another 10 years is a “revenge” against Iran for its achievements.

  • velayati 2016-11-16 09:43

    Iran will counter partition of regional countries: Velayati

    TEHRAN - Ali Akbar Velayati, the senior foreign policy advisor to the Leader, said on Tuesday that Iran is against disintegration of the countries in the Middle East and counter any attempt in this respect.

  • عباس عراقچی 2016-11-15 21:08

    Unnerved by a parched Iran, nuclear negotiator calls for hydro-politics 

    TEHRAN – Unnerved by the prospect of a parched Iran where internal and external conflicts on water resources would be unavoidable, Abbas Araqchi, who served as top nuclear negotiator with great powers, has called for a more active and creative hydro-politics. 

  • مصاحبه با دکتر ولایتی 2016-11-07 09:43

    Western plot to partition Mideast is dangerous: Velayati

    TEHRAN – A senior advisor Iran’s Supreme Leader has said plots by the U.S. and some other Western countries to break up countries in the Middle East will lead to “dangerous” consequences.

  • zarif 2016-10-31 08:32

    Zarif calls Iran major regional power

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Sunday that Iran has turned into a major power in the Middle East by relying on the Islamic Revolution’s “discourse” and “causes”.

  • qassemi 2016-10-30 20:00

    EU is aware of Iran’s regional role, official says

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi has said that the European Union is aware of Iran’s role in the Middle East region.

  • حجت الاسلام سید محمود علوی وزیر اطلاعات 2016-10-18 09:40

    Iran security matchless: intelligence minister 

    TEHRAN – Intelligence Minister Mahmoud Alavi has described security in Iran as “unique” in a war-infested Middle East. 

  • Grabowski and Ożarowski 2016-10-09 11:57

    By: Hamidreza Gholamzadeh

    Russia maintaining its role in Middle East

    In first part of roundtable, the two experts discussed the situation in president-less Lebanon and the scope of talks extended to Syria and Middle East. In second part, more attention is given to role of Russia in the Middle East region.

  • Nicholas Hopton 2016-10-04 08:12

    By Mehdi Sepahvand

    UK wants to engage with Iran to find ways forward: ambassador

     TEHRAN – The British ambassador to Tehran says his country is eager to engage with Iran as a regional power to resolve conflicts.

  • sadria 2016-09-27 20:33

    ‘Iran is in new season of blooming’

    Iran has adopted realistic regional policies, scholar says

    TEHRAN - Modjtaba Sadria, a university professor, believes that Iran has adopted very “good” and “realistic” regional policies which have protected the country’s peace and stability.

  • 2198473.jpg 2016-09-06 09:33

    By Marjan Golpira

    UN aid chief: Iran can help facilitate humanitarian aid in region

    TEHRAN - In a press conference held in Tehran on Monday, the United Nations’ top relief official stressed Iran’s important role in ensuring access to humanitarian assistance to those in need in the conflict zones in the Middle East.

  • 02-MH1 Hosseini 260.jpg 2016-09-02 20:07

    Top commander: Iran’s airspace safest in Mideast 

    TEHRAN – Khatam al-Anbia Air Defense Base top commander Sayyed Mahdi Hosseini underlined on Friday that Iran has the safest airspace among the countries of the Middle East, ISNA reported.