Ali Shariati


  • Pouran Shariat-Razavi 2019-02-15 19:53

    Pouran Shariat-Razavi dies aged 85

    TEHRAN - Fatemeh (Pouran) Shariat-Razavi, succumbed to illness on Friday. She suffered a stroke on Monday, 11 February.

  • Ashura 2018/09/23

    By: Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Why Zainab’s (SA) mandate is heavier than Hussain’s (AS)

    TEHRAN - Ashura was marked across the world with tremendous religious fervor this weekend. Massive processions were taken out in different countries to pay glowing tribute to the martyrs of Karbala. Mourners wore black dresses, recited soul-stirring elegies and reaffirmed their pledge to uphold the sacrosanct principles exemplified by the grandson of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) on the desert plains of Karbala more than 1400 years ago.