• Water drenches 18,000 ha of Hamoun-e Sabori wetland 2019-02-24 21:47

    Water drenches 18,000 ha of Hamoun-e Sabori wetland

    TEHRAN – Hamoun-e Sabori wetland on the Iran-Afghanistan border has been saturated, as rainwater flowed over 18,000 hectares of the wetland, Mohammad Reza Alimoradi, head of marine affairs at the Sistan-Baluchestan provincial department of environment has announced.

  • DOE chief Isa Kalantari in a meeting with UNDP representative Ugochi Daniels 2018-10-31 20:10

    DOE chief demands UN to cooperate on negotiating Hamoun water right

    TEHRAN — Over a meeting held in Tehran on Wednesday with the UN resident coordinator and UNDP representative Ugochi Daniels, Issa Kalantari, chief of Iran’s Department of Environment (DOE), emphasized the need for negotiating with Afghanistan to discuss Hamoun Lake water right.

  • Judge sentence poachers to plant trees 2018-09-22 09:33

    Judge sentence poachers to plant trees 

    TEHRAN — An Iranian judge has sentenced two poachers to plant 400 trees in Hamoun wildlife refuge, southeastern Iran, Mehr news agency reported on Friday. 

  • Sand and dust storm in Zabol, Sistan-Balouchestan province 2018-09-16 22:07

    Hamoun dryness, a tragedy for southwestern Iran

    TEHRAN — Hamoun wetland dryness, caused by long-term drought and low precipitation, is the major reason behind problems in southwestern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, Zia-al-din Shoaei, former head of national working group for combatting sand and dust storms has said.

  • Negotiating Hamoun water right, only way for Sistan to survive: report 2018-08-29 09:30

    Negotiating Hamoun water right, only way for Sistan to survive: report

    TEHRAN – As long as sand and dust storms (SDSs) severely threatens the lives of people and affects many sectors of agriculture, livestock and industry in Sistan region, southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, the only way to halt the impacts is to negotiate with Afghanistan on granting the water right of Hamoun wetland, IRNA reported on Monday.

  • Iran, Afghanistan agree on transboundary waters, says ambassador 2018-06-27 16:29

    Iran, Afghanistan agree on transboundary waters, says ambassador

    TEHRAN — Iran and Afghanistan have reached an agreement on water right of Heray Rud River, Hamoun wetland and Helmand River, Afghanistan's Ambassador to Iran Nasir Ahmad Nour has said./

  • hamoun wetlands 2018-06-11 11:03

    Iran plans to use biotechnology to address SDSs at Hamoun wetland

    TEHRAN -- The threat of sand and dust storms (SDSs) at Hamoun wetland can turn into an opportunity through science and technology solutions, said Mohammad Ali Latifi, the head of biotechnology headquarters at science and technology vice presidency.

  • Iran urges Afghanistan to resume talks on Hamoun wetlands  2018-05-12 21:05

    Iran urges Afghanistan to resume talks on Hamoun wetlands

    TEHRAN — Iran and Afghanistan should resume negotiations on the water rights of Hamoun wetlands, YJC quoted Masoud Tajrishi, deputy chief of the Department of Environment, as saying on Friday.

  • Anzali wetland 2018-01-27 20:34

    Ramsar to host World Wetlands Day ceremony

    TEHRAN — Iran will mark the World Wetlands Day in a ceremony which is scheduled to be held in the northern city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea.

  • Nasir Ahmad Nour 2017-10-31 20:36

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Afghanistan, Iran join hands to preserve the Hamouns: envoy

    TEHRAN — A festering disagreement over allocation of water from Helmand River is threatening Iran and Afghanistan relationship as both neighboring countries are suffering from drought, climate change, sand and dust storms and the lack of proper water management.

  • 12 MQ-3.JPG 2016-10-17 08:12

    Iranian entrepreneurship fund allots $1.5m to save wetlands

    TEHRAN — An Iranian entrepreneurship fund called Omid (literally meaning hope), has allotted some 50 billion rials (nearly $1.5 million) with the aim of saving wetlands nationwide, ISNA news agency reported.

  • 12 MQ-1 (1).JPG 2016-10-07 17:44

    Iran-Germany environmental cooperation to pick up steam

    TEHRAN — Iran and Germany gave a fresh impetus to their cooperation on environmental issues ranging from protecting natural resources and biodiversity to reducing greenhouse gas emission.