Iranian writer Nader Ebrahimi.


  • Khalid Nabi Holy Shrine 2021-07-03 17:29

    Visit Turkmen Sahra, the land of music and horses

    TEHRAN – Turkmen Sahra is a heaven of traditional music and fantastic horses, which lies in the northeastern part of Iran. It offers breathtaking natural phenomena and a deep and eerie history that captivates any traveler.

  • Iranian writer Nader Ebrahimi. 2020-01-15 18:33

    Cultural center sets up library and museum for writer Nader Ebrahimi  

    TEHRAN – The House of Poetry and Literature in Tehran has established a library and museum for Nader Ebrahimi, the writer of the acclaimed stories such as “Tomorrow Is Not Like Today”, “Ibn Mashghaleh”, “A Quiet Loving” and “Dragon’s Tale”.