Naqsh-e Rustam


  •  A view of the UNESCO-registered Persepolis in southern Iran 2021-01-11 21:39

    Oriental Institute and its Persian expeditions in 1930s

    TEHRAN -- During the winter of 1930-31, the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago organized a Persian Expedition to conduct excavations in the largely unexplored mountainous regions east and southeast of the Mesopotamian plain.

  • 20 wonderful, must-see cultural sites in Iran 2020-08-12 00:07

    By Afshin Majlesi

    20 wonderful, must-see cultural sites in Iran

    If you ask foreign visitors to Iran about the most characteristic future they discovered during excursions in the ancient land, the most possible answers may be somewhat like these: “It is the friendliest country on Earth with loads of warm-hearted welcome!”; “It is the jewel in Islam’s crown in terms of architecture”; “Being home to fascinating cultural heritage sites”; or “a land where echoes of ancient civilizations still resonate down through the ages!”