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  • Donald Trump 2018-02-23 20:11

    By Pegah Golpira

    Analysis of Trump State of the Union address

    INDIANA - President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Speech was as empty as a dinosaur’s skull. He starts off throwing lies about what he has done in the past year, saying, “We have made incredible progress and achieved extraordinary success,” which brings up the question: what success exactly? No one knows the answer, because the media is all “fake news”, and the ones that are not “fake news”, don’t have any proof.

  • America’s love affair with guns 2018-02-23 19:54

    By Pegah Golpira

    America’s love affair with guns

    INDIANA - The eighteenth school mass shooting of 2018 in America occurred in Parkland, Florida, only a few days ago, leaving 17 people dead.