Shah-Abdol-Azim shrine


  • Ancient relics, fabrics unearthed in Rey 2019-01-23 21:44

    Ancient relics, fabrics unearthed in Rey

    TEHRAN – Some ancient relics and urban structures, deemed to date from Seljuk era (1037–1194), have recently been found during a construction project in the city of Rey, south of Tehran.

  • Historical site found in southern Tehran 2018-08-18 21:59

    Historical site found in southern Tehran

    TEHRAN – Tehran province’s cultural heritage director on Saturday said that traces of a historical site have been revealed near a southern sector of Imam Ali Highway that leads to the city of Rey.

  • A combination photo which went viral on social media depicts Reza Shah Pahlavi and a mummy which is said to be found during construction work at a shrine near Tehran on April 23, 2018. 2018-04-26 13:14

    The mummified shah: From rumors to facts

    TEHRAN – A mummified body recently discovered near Shah Abdol Azim Shrine, southern Tehran, could possibly belong to Reza Shah Pahlavi, father of the last shah of Iran. 

  • A file photo depicts an exterior view of Jameh Mosque in Qazvin 2017-12-23 20:51

    Quake causes cracks in four historical sites in Iran

    TEHRAN - Three historical sites in Qazvin and one other in Rey have suffered cracks as an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.2 struck a city near Tehran on Wednesday night.

  • A view of Shah-Abbasi caravanserai in Rey 2017-12-09 20:53

    Rey’s Shah-Abbasi caravanserai restored

    TEHRAN – A six-month rehabilitation project has brought a Shah-Abbasi caravanserai back to its former glory in Rey, a historical city in Tehran province.