Sochi summit


  • Heads of Syria peace guarantor states meet in Sochi 2019-02-15 14:04

    Heads of Syria peace guarantor states meet in Sochi

    Iranian, Russian, and Turkish presidents attend a tripartite summit on Syria in the Russian resort city of Sochi on February 14, 2019.

  • Sochi summit 2018-08-01 11:27

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    The fear and hope of Sochi summit

    TEHRAN - The 10th round of the Astana-format talks in the Black Sea resort of Sochi began on Monday and ended on Tuesday. Delegations from the Syrian government and the political opposition attended the Russian city on the conflict in Syria. It was spearheaded by Russia, Turkey and Iran.

  • Sochi summit 2018-02-11 13:32

    By Hanif Ghaffari

    Sochi summit helping solve the Syrian crisis

    TEHRAN - Last Tuesday, the Syrian Peace Summit, called the "National Dialogue Congress", was held in Sochi, Russia, with different groups of participants including members of the Bashar al-Assad’s administration, its supporters and some opposition groups.