Yazd Water Museum


  • A view of the Yazd Water Museum with a life-sized wax effigy in the foreground 2018-10-27 22:07

    Yazd to be first destination for water tourism in Iran

    TEHRAN – Yazd will be the first destination for water tourism, an initiative that Iran Water House, a Tehran-based educational institution, aims to operate across Iran, ISNA reported on Saturday.

  • A view of the Yazd Water Museum with one of its life-sized wax effigies in the foreground.  2017-07-23 09:29

    Under tourists’ eyes: Yazd Water Museum

    TEHRAN – The historical city of Yazd in central Iran is famous for its qanats. Yazd Water Museum, one of the best of its kind, is devoted to the brave men who built such underground aqueducts in the past.