• salami 2019-07-07 18:55

    Iran unveils new home-made tactical communication system

    TEHRAN - The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps unveiled on Sunday a new tactical communication system named Sepehr 110 in a ceremony at the presence of IRGC chief Major General Hossein Salami.

  • George W. Bush, Barak Obama, Donald Trump 2019-06-25 14:22

    By Hamid Bayati

    Cyber-attack against Iran: a failed strategy of U.S. presidents from Bush to Trump

    TEHRAN - It was first in July 2010 when the United States launched a serious cyber-attack against Iran. At the time, it was said that a virus named Stuxnet was used for damaging the computer systems that controlled Iranian nuclear industry. 

  • Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi 2019-06-24 21:37

    Jahromi says Iran neutralized 33 million cyberattacks from March 2018 to March 2019 

    Iranian minister: U.S. cyberattacks on missile systems failed

    Tehran says that recent U.S. cyber-attacks against Iranian missile control systems have failed to cause any disruptions.

  • Night lights reflected in water. Lake Chitgar, western Tehran. File photo. 2019-03-15 20:10

    By Mehdi Sepahvand

    U.S. tried to disrupt Tehran’s power grid: report

    An Iranian-American engineer was offered money by U.S. officials to conduct a sabotage mission targeting the power grid of Tehran, Iran’s capital city, a former senior associate at Oxford University and Middle East commentator and analyst has claimed.

  • Power supply resumes in Venezuela post cyber attack 2019-03-12 10:43

    Power supply resumes in Venezuela post cyber attack

    CARACAS - Electricity supply is being rapid restored in Venezuela after three days of power failure in 70% of the country as a result of the sabotage of a vital hydro-electric facility. Massive power outages began on March 7 following a cyber-attack on the Simon Bolivar Hydroelectric Plant or the El Guri plant in Bolivar State. Telesur reported that as of 6 am local time, 40% of supply to Caracas was restored, with more and more suburbs regaining power in the following hours. The provinces of Aragua, Carabobo and Yaracuy to the north were still awaiting resumption of supply as of morning.

  • The five 2019 U.S. threats in NIS report 2019-02-17 12:19

    By Heshmatollah Rahnama  

    The five 2019 U.S. threats in NIS report

    TEHRAN - A major U.S. intelligence report released in Washington on January 22 released the threats the U.S. faces in 2019. The document claims the threats come from three countries Russia, China, and Iran as the U.S. intelligent agencies have to keep a close eye on immigrants and cyberattack.

  • Israeli firm launches cyberattacks on Iran: ITC minister 2018-11-06 07:28

    Israeli firm launches cyberattacks on Iran: ITC minister

    TEHRAN – Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi announced on Monday that Internet Gold Golden Lines, an Israeli-based company, was involved in a wave of cyberattacks earlier in the day against Iran’s network infrastructure, IRNA reported.

  • ‘25m cyberattacks made against Iran in past six months’ 2018-08-08 10:14

    ‘25 million cyberattacks against Iran in six months’

    TEHRAN – Since six months ago some 25 million cyberattacks have been made against Iran by more than 900,000 attackers, an MP said on Tuesday, quoting Telecommunications Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi.

  • غلامرضا جلالی 2018-05-31 08:09

    Official: U.S. resorting to cyber-attacks on Iran

    TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization says the Americans were pursuing projects such as Nitro Zeus when the nuclear agreement was reached, stressing such facts show that U.S. threats have changed from full-scale wars to cyber-attacks.

  • azari jahromi 2018-04-09 10:48

    Only 2% of devices affected by recent cyberattack: IT minister

    TEHRAN – “Only two percent of devices in Iran were affected by the recent cyberattack and the attack was neutralized in two hours,” Iran’s Communication and Information Technology Minister Mohammad-Javad Azari Jahromi has said.

  • cyber 2018-04-07 19:57

    No sensitive data leaked in cyberattack, Iran says

    TEHRAN - Chief of the detection and prevention center at FATA (Iran’s Cyber Police) said on Saturday that no sensitive data has been leaked in a Friday cyberattack.

  • Cyberattacks on Iran conducted from U.S., UK: Cyber Police 2018-02-12 20:48

    Cyberattacks on Iran conducted from U.S., UK: Cyber Police

    TEHRAN – The recent cyberattacks against the websites of some Iranian newspapers were conducted from the United States and Britain, police spokesman Saeed Montazerolmahdi has said.

  • Hackers from U.S., UK targeted Iranian media websites: ICT Ministry 2018-02-12 09:43

    Hackers from U.S., UK targeted Iranian media websites: ICT Ministry

    TEHRAN – On Sunday the Information and Communications Technology Ministry issued a report on the Saturday night cyber-attacks against several Iranian media outlets, saying the websites were attacked from the United States and Britain.

  • Iranian websites hit by cyber-attacks: minister 2017-10-18 09:59

    Iranian websites hit by cyber-attacks: minister

    TEHRAN – Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said on Tuesday that a number of Iranian websites came under cyber-attacks on Monday night.

  • 02br4 cyberattack 80.jpg 2016-09-07 19:22

    Iran to sue nuclear hackers at international courts

    TEHRAN – The Islamic Republic is going to take the case of cyber-attacks on its nuclear facilities to relevant domestic and international courts, Deputy Prosecutor General Abdolsamad Khorramabadi announced on Wednesday.