gasoline rationing


  • gasoline 2021-05-21 12:02

    Monthly gasoline consumption drops 8%

    TEHRAN - Gasoline consumption in Iran has decreased by eight percent in the second month of the current Iranian calendar year (April 21-May 21) compared to the figure for the previous month.

  • gasoline 2021-03-24 13:35

    Gasoline consumption drops 20% in a year

    TEHRAN- Gasoline consumption in the country has decreased by 20 percent in the past Iranian calendar year (ended on March 20), as compared to its preceding year due to rationing this fuel and also the coronavirus pandemic.

  • gasoline 2020-11-15 14:03

    BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

    Iran’s gasoline rationing scheme: from policy to practice

    TEHRAN – These days last year, Iranians were surprised by the sudden news of the implementation of a program for rationing gasoline and also the increase in the fuel prices.

  • gasoline 2020-11-06 13:51

    BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

    Gasoline consumption falling significantly a year after rationing plan

    TEHRAN – Gasoline consumption in Iran has been decreasing significantly since the implementation of a rationing plan nearly a year ago.

  • gasoline 2020-10-04 12:18

    Gasoline exports hit over $1b in five months

    TEHRAN - Iran exported over $1 billion worth of gasoline in the first five months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 20-August 21), following a decrease of consumption and increase of production in the country.

  • refinery 2020-10-04 11:59

    By Ebrahim Fallahi

    ‘Oil refineries more than enough, focus on gas, petro-refineries’

    TEHRAN – Having abundant hydrocarbon resources, Iran has been strongly focusing on the development of its refining industry to reduce the reliance on the exports of crude oil.

  • gasoline 2020-09-27 15:47

    Daily gasoline consumption at about 75m liters

    TEHRAN – Average daily gasoline consumption in Iran has settled at about 75 million liters, a figure similar to the days before the outbreak of the coronavirus, the head of Iran Gas Station Owners Union told ILNA.

  • dual fuel 2020-09-26 14:23

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Plans underway to promote dual-fuel vehicles

    TEHRAN- In mid-November 2019, the Iranian government started rationing of subsidized gasoline and increased fuel prices as it plans to use the revenue for supporting underprivileged families.

  • gasoline 2020-07-17 13:37

    Daily gasoline consumption rises to 74m liters

    TEHRAN – Average daily gasoline consumption in Iran has once again risen back to 74 million liters as the coronavirus-related restrictions eased and people are back to their normal routines, head of Iran Gas Station Owners Union said.

  • CNG 2020-04-10 13:40

    Monthly consumption of CNG falls 15%

    TEHRAN- Monthly consumption of compressed natural gas (CNG) has dropped 15 percent in Iran during the last month of the previous Iranian calendar year (ended on March 19) from its preceding month, IRNA reported.

  • Gasoline 2019-12-31 14:55

    Tehran’s daily gasoline consumption falls 11%

    TEHRAN - Average daily gasoline consumption in Tehran fell to 14.8 million liters in the current Iranian calendar month of Dey (started on December 22) from 16.6 in the past year’s same month to register an 11 percent fall year-on-year, IRNA reported.

  • CNG 2019-12-28 14:53

    BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

    Promoting CNG as the national fuel, challenges and merits

    TEHRAN – Following the implementation of the gasoline rationing scheme, the government has been promoting the use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a replacement for gasoline, and has declared the mentioned fuel as the country’s national fuel.

  • gasoline 2019-12-24 14:03

    Daily gasoline consumption falls to 75m liters

    TEHRAN – Average daily gasoline consumption in Iran fell to 75 million liters in the previous Iranian calendar month of Azar (November 22-December 21) following the implementation of the rationing scheme, according to the managing director of National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC).

  • CNG 2019-12-22 13:44

    CNG daily consumption at 800mcm in Iran

    TEHRAN- Managing director of National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) put the daily consumption of compressed natural gas (CNG) at 800 million cubic meters in Iran, complaining that it is a high amount, IRNA reported.

  • hybrid car 2019-12-10 15:39

    NIORDC, IKCO ink MOU to add dual-fuel cars to public transport fleet

    TEHRAN - National Iranian Oil Refining and Distribution Company (NIORDC) and Iran’s state-owned Iran Khodro Company (IKCO) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to add new dual-fuel vehicles to the country’s public transportation fleet.

  • Hemmati 2019-12-09 18:00

    Stability to come back to forex market: CBI governor

    TEHRAN- The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said that the bank will bring stability back to the forex market, IRIB reported.

  • gasoline 2019-12-08 14:49

    Rationing ables Iran to export 300ml of gasoline per day

    TEHRAN - Spokesman of Iranian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Products Exporters Union (OPEX) said the gasoline rationing scheme has made it possible for the country to export 25-30 million liters of gasoline every day, IRIB reported.

  • Mohsen Zanganeh 2019-12-03 10:01

    By Mohsen Zanganeh

    Failed attempt of engineering a ‘crisis’ in Iran 

    TEHRAN - For over a year now, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been grappling with severe economic crisis following the unilateral withdrawal of the U.S. from the 2015 nuclear deal and re-imposition of crippling economic sanctions. The failure of the European Union to uphold its commitments under the deal have made matters worse.

  • protests in Iran 2019-11-30 13:42

    By Sharmine Narwani

    Western media excited about ‘new Iran revolution’, but polls tell a different story about protests

    Data from two foreign polls tell a very different story about protests in Iran. The economy is tough, but a majority of Iranians back their government's security initiatives and reject domestic upheaval.

  • protests in Iran 2019-11-30 10:36

    * By Mohammad Ghaderi

    How many people were killed in recent protests in Iran?

    TEHRAN - As it was obvious from the beginning, a complex scenario, which had been designed long before to create unrest and insecurity in Iran, was began by exploiting legitimate protests.

  • Unrest in Iran 2019-11-26 10:08

    * By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Some important points about recent unrest in Iran

    It is not possible to trace recent events without considering the key factors influencing them.

  • Manifestation of support for security and order 2019-11-25 16:59

    Photo: Shahab Ghayumi

    Manifestation of support for security and order

    A huge number of people in Tehran held a massive rally in central Tehran to affirm their support for national security and order. The rally followed one week after rioters, that some of them were linked to violent groups such as MKO and PJAK, derailed peaceful protests against increase in petrol prices by attacking security forces with guns and burning gas stations. Marchers in Tehran also condemned certain foreign countries which expressed support for unrest in certain cities in Iran.

  • خروش انقلابی مردم پایتخت در حمایت از امنیت ، آرامش و اقتدار کشور 2019-11-25 15:44

    Tehraners rally against rioters and those who provoked unrest in Iran

    Large numbers of people took to the streets in Tehran to express their disgust to acts of violence that followed a rise in gasoline prices on November 15. In the midst of peaceful protests against hike in gasoline price, which is still heavily subsidized, rioters took the opportunity to commit acts of violence. Certain countries, including the United States which through its illegal sanctions against Iran has caused economic problems for the Iranians, provoked unrest and chaos in Iran. In addition, the MKO cult group and monarchists incited unrest in Iran.

  • People stage rally in Tehran to condemn violent acts 2019-11-25 15:07

    People stage rally in Tehran to condemn violent acts

    TEHRAN – People poured into Tehran’s main streets in very large numbers on Monday afternoon to show their allegiance to the Islamic Republic system and deplore rioters who misused the peaceful protests against an increase in gas price to commit acts of violence.

  • CNG 2019-11-24 16:20

    CNG consumption up 10% following gasoline rationing

    TEHRAN – Head of the CNG promotion program at National Iranian Oil Product Distribution Company (NIOPDC) says consumption of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the country has increased by 10 percent since the implementation of the gasoline rationing scheme.

  • unrest in Iran 2019-11-23 22:54

    Democratic presidential candidates support unrest in Iran

    Without mentioning the Trump administration’s penalty against the Iranian nation in violation of international law, certain Democratic presidential candidates have expressed support for protests in Iran.

  • Donald Trump -  Mike Pompeo 2019-11-22 14:20

    By Martin Love

    U.S. stupidity is usually, as now, followed by worse stupidity

    NORTH CAROLINA - It is enough to make a rational, sentient person ill to witness Mike Pompeo telling Iranians he is “with” them, as he did again recently. Excuse me but I hope Iranians are not so deluded to imagine for a second that the U.S. government under Trump gives a gnat’s ass about their welfare. And yes, the U.S. is cheerleading the apparent outbreak of protests in Iran, allegedly over the price hikes in the cost of Iranian gas to consumers.

  • gasoline 2019-11-19 16:28

    BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

    Iran revives gasoline rationing scheme, what to expect

    TEHRAN – Four years after President Rouhani decided to put a stop on a fuel rationing plan which was the legacy of President Ahmadinejad’s government, once again on Friday, the government announced a decision on reviving the scheme and also a rise in gasoline prices.

  • dehnavi 2019-11-18 16:12

    ‘Gasoline rationing could bring Iran $3b of exports revenue a year’

    TEHRAN - Deputy minister of economic affairs and finance of Iran says the fuel rationing plan would make the country able to export 3.65 billion liters of gasoline every year and earn about 14 trillion rials (about $3.3 billion) from the exports.

  • Zamir Kabulov 2019-11-18 15:57

    By staff and agency

    Foreign forces may be behind unrest in Iran: Russian Foreign Ministry

    Zamir Kabulov, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Asian Department, said on Monday that the spreading protests in Iran may be fueled by foreign forces.