• Martin Love 2021/08/05

    By Martin Love

    America is still headed for a material collapse eventually…

    Some Americans, but far too few, want to know how Barack Obama gets to plan his upcoming 60th birthday bash this month on his 30-acre oceanfront estate on the island of Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts.

  • Iran-Turkey 2021-04-24 12:27

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Iran and Turkey reject band-wagoning strategies: researcher

    TEHRAN – A Turkish academic says that Western powers consider Iran and Turkey as problematic because of "their avoidance in band-wagoning strategies." 

  • matsunaga yasuyuki 2021-03-15 17:56

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Power is notoriously distributed unevenly: Japanese scholar

    ‘It is not true that East Asia is calm, whereas the Middle East (West Asia) is in turmoil,” says Professor Matsunaga  

    TEHRAN – Pointing to the violence as one of the means that humans are utilizing to achieve their goals, a Japanese scholar says “in the international arena, power is notoriously unevenly distributed.”

  • Biden 2021-03-08 14:24

    By Batoul Sbeity

    Changing strategies: From Trump to Biden

    Although it may seem from the outset that the first major military action of the Biden administration in eastern Syria signals an escalation from the side of the U.S., the reality is that it is a strike in the direction of American compromise. 

  • Faisal Devji 2021-03-03 16:41

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Crisis in NATO showed traditional security states have become unviable: Oxford professor

    TEHRAN – A professor of history at the University of Oxford says the crisis in NATO countries proved that traditional security states have become unviable, while countries like Iran can play their role in new world order.

  • Martin Love 2021-02-23 17:09

    By Mohammad Mazhari 

    U.S. pushed to irreversible decline due to its policies: analyst

    TEHRAN - American political analyst Martin Love believes that the U.S. is being pushed towards an irreversible decline due to its harsh policies, especially when it started to threaten and use military power.

  • Tariq Aboud 2021-02-14 12:24

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    American governance model has gone into decline: researcher

    TEHRAN - A Lebanese political researcher believes that the U.S. as a model of capitalist democracy has failed to present itself as a republic that relies on values.

  • Munir A Saeed 2021/01/13

    By Munir A. Saeed 

    No ETs here, only Americans 

    Recently I dug out an old document I wanted to read again. I fished it out from under a pile of other old material I had printed and saved. Perhaps for posterity.